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What is an ethical search engine? I my opinion a decente search engine is a search engine that doesn’t share you personal data with third-parties and promise to keep you safe when you search the web. In addition. It’s important to say that I personally founded Givero as a social enterprise.

Ethical search engines

in Europe we have a varity of search engines, but only one search engine is a real search engine the others operates in partnership with Microsoft Bing, it’s not a big deal, but good to know that without the hlep from Bing, none of thees search engines would exist.


A Danish search engine with an ethical businessmodel and social impact. Givero search engine


A German Search engine with a purpose to plant trees 


A German 



Mojeek – the only independent search engine

Withe a strong focus on the UK market, and based in the UK Mojeek is a smaller project. I’ve been in contact with the team, and 

US search engines


a US based search engine with an privacy as main focus area. As the European search engines does, Duckduckgo also has a partnership with Yahoo/Bing to operate their results. In addition DDG shows results  directly from more sources, eg. amazon  

Private map search & route planning

Prepare your trip peacefully

Use maps to search for locations and plan your routes – all in private. We don’t know your location, and you decide where to go without telling advertisers about your plans and destinations.

Unbiased search and no personal history

Every search is a fresh start

and be certain that your personal searches aren’t reused for advertisments. 


Rate and improve search results

The best feedback is yours

Findx adds milllion of web pages to the index every week. We do our best to remove spam, and rank relevant websites appropriately.

If  you find a perfect result, or see something that isn’t so great, then use the feedback features and help us make the results better for everybody.

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