Private browsing on your computer

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Stop personal tracking online

"I have nothing to hide"

Browsing on websites about deeply personal matters can reveal your  interests and activity to advertising companies. Many popular websites has installed sneaky little trackers like the Facebook pixel and other trackers from a number of other lesser-known companies. 

These trackers tell third-parties about your behaviour and what information you are looking for. 

When you search for symptoms, family issues or other personal matters, all your details are collected and shared with third-parties – and now say it again: “I have nothing to hide”. 

You can blocks these trackers – and you’ll be protected from these snooping third-parties and advertising companies.


Protect your children from online advertisements

Over 50% of the screen can be covered with ads

Remember when you looked at that pair of jeans online, and then saw annoying jeans ads everywhere you browsed? Now imagine what you children are exposed to when they browse the internet.

Use protection lists to identify advertisers and others who track your online behaviour, and it removes the cross‑site tracking data they leave behind. 

Watch videos without ads

Find the most popular videos on popular sources like YouTube

Using video search, you’re able to watch videos, this both block ads and protects you from having your video-watching history collected, and it gets rid of the clutter on the video itself.

This is a must-have for your child’s computer!

Control cookies from both first- and third-parties

Cookies are everywhere

When you visit a website it is a normal technique for a website to place cookies about the behavior of you visit, what did you click, how long did you stay and did you put something in the shopping cart. Many cookies give convince but it’s hard to find out how many cookies a website places on your computer.

Make your own rules with detailed control

Take full control over the trackers on each site

You can choose to allow some (harmless) trackers, or well-behaved ads, or block everything. And you can do this on a site-by-site basis. 

But sometimes, blocking all the trackers can break a website. So you can make an exception, and allow individual trackers or websites by creating your own protection lists.

Ethical search

Mak a choice

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